Geography Is More Than Trivia.

As someone who has a BA in Geography, this is one thing to really mention: Geography is far more than trivia. Why bring this up?

Well, there is this article to consider:

Granted, this is meant to be taken with a laugh, as this is most likely what it’s meant for.

The article from Metro 59.1, 13 things only people who studied Geography at university will understand, it afforded some really important things to think about. The article was written by Rebecca Merchant.

Granted, I’m not from the UK(where this was written), but from the USA. However, it leaves alot to understand with humor, specifically regarding capital cities and pub quizzes.

Some people really to reduce geography to just quizzes and trivia. There is so much more to think about. Data collection, statistics, demographics, environmental issues, spatial analysis, Geographic Information Systems, surveying, weather, erosion, and so many other subjects.

Perhaps one of the reasons geography gets reduced to such a status is because this is often what many school children often learn. Geography is not taught rigorously. Furthermore, many people don’t begin to understand the first idea of what geography is about. It is about the earth. In order to understand that, it will take more than learning trivia and state capital to get the general idea.

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