United Nations Turns 70. #UN70

24 October 1945, a set of nations comes together and forms an international organization. This organization is formed to replaced to defunct League of Nations. The name? United Nations.

The goal: To promote world peace and international cooperation.

70 years later: 193 nations are members of the United Nations.

In order to understand what the United Nations is about, one should understand geography. Why? There are 193 nations that are part of the U.N. Each with its own story, its own landscape, people, culture, government, climates,etc. In understanding that, this knowledge can be used to understand world events. The more weknow about geography, the more we can understand why things happen in certain parts of the world.

This video below will give more information about how geography and the UN go together. Some of it mentioned in this blog entry, some of it not mentioned in this blog.



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