Of Maps of Nicknames

A map can tell you a few things about a place. Where a place is, the things in that place, certain physical features, statistics. A map can tell you what it intends to tell you.

A map can also be an indicator of a city’s nickname. Two cities to look at are New Orleans and Pittsburgh. New Orleans is known as the Crescent City

The city of Pittsburgh is called the City of Three Rivers.

If one looks at the maps of both cities, it is easy to see how these cities got their nicknames. If one goes deeper into geography, one can understand how that those nicknames are more than just some interesting name. New Orleans was founded on a crescent-like bend of the Mississippi River. This was the highest part of a low-lying area. The French Quarter is located where New Orleans was first founded. Pittsburgh, the City of Three Rivers, is located where the Monongahela and Allegheny river converge to form the Ohio River. This geography has played a role. The first steam boat was built in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh’s location made it a major trading center. Steel factories looked for locations with good access to railways and river. Pittsburgh, with three rivers, had a geographic advantage. It was also an early gateway to the frontier west of the Appalachians.

Maps can tell alot about a place.

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