World Space Week, and Geography: Earth Observation Satellite.

Happy World Space Week!! This is a celebration of technology and science, particularly as it applies to space.

It also applies to geography. This is the reason. One major contribution of aerospace technology is the earth observation satellite. This is a type of satellite that observes the earth while in orbit. That is an earth observatiion satellite in a nut shell.

Earth observation satellites observe things like weather, the terrain on the earth, the changes taking place on earth, such as cities going up, deforestation, floods, droughts, shrinking of lakes. They can monitor the environment, observe ice fields, the condition of our seas.

Earth Observation Satellites contribute a great deal in the field of geography. They get a view of the earth from above. And this is why all should learn geography. Geography is broad and dynamic. There is no better time to remember this than World Space Week. Check out the video below.

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