Get Outside And Explore

You never know what you mind find when you go out. Learning about nature, geography, the geosciences, this is part of how we learn. We can read books, but we should also go out and explore. You never know what you might find.


Minnesota, Land Of The Sky-Tinted Waters

lake-vermillionWant to go fishing? Go to Minnesota. Here is why.

Minnesota’s name comes from the Dakota word meaning “land of sky-tinted waters”, referring to the lakes. The lakes are a major geographic feature of the state of Minnesota. It has the nickname of The Land of 10,000 Lakes. Actually, according the official count, there are over 11,000 lakes. 

Geoscience lessson coming. How the state of Minnesota got its lakes has to do with glaciers. Mich of Canada and the Midwest USA was covered in a gargantuan ice sheet 1 million years ago, the Last Ice Age. The glaciers scraping away at the rocks and soil, melting and retreating of the ice sheet. This is how lakes  formed in North America, especially in Minnesota.

Watch video for explanation of 10,000 lakes.



Merry Christmas. A Geography Lesson.

Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ. And being this is a holiday for Christ, let’s have a geography lesson dedicated to it. The maps shows where Jesus Christ was born.



Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem. It is located in what is now the West Bank, Palestine, next to Israel. Christmas is a holy day for Christians the world over. This city is located 10 km(6.2 miles) south of Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.

This city is located in a region known for its political strife. That said, this entry is going to put this aside. This city has a sizable Palestinian Christian population. The Church of the Nativity is here. This city, being the birthplace of Christ, has a major significance for many Christians. During Christmas time, many tourists come to this city. Tourism is a major industry in Bethlehem(by the way tourism is geographic in nature). This city is a major site for Christian pilgrims.

Merry Christmas, from TheGeoScholar to you. Happy Birthday to Christ. nativity_scene



The Best Way To Look At Climate Change and Global Warming.

It is a fact. Changes have been taking place in terms of the climates on this planet. The Earth has gotten warmer over the last 50 years, despite what Breitbart and Conservapedia would try to tell you. However, this is the challenge.

Everything has been viewed from a political lens, left, center, or right. This is the best way to look at climate change and global warming. A geographic perspective. A scientific perspective. Understand that there is a difference between climate and weather. Simply put, climate is long term conditions, weather is short term conditions. The video below will give a more detailed perspective.

The general message of this entry: Listen to a geographer first. Listen to a scientist first. Don’t listen to talk radio. Scientists and geographers are the most qualified to speak on it because are the most likely to study this.

Breitbart Should Stay Out of Matters of Climate Change

A few days ago, Breitbart put out a report stating that the earth was actually cooling. The Weather Channel responded with a retort:

Basically, the Weather Channel told Breitbart to quit misleading people about climate change. While the message from the Weather Channel is agreeable, there is more TheGeoScholar is up to discuss.

Breitbart is not a scientific journal. Breitbart is not involved in making scientific studies. All it did was take a clip of something some the Weather Channel and used it to their own benefit.

This report will show the trends of the earth’s temperatures.

To get an idea of idea, one has to understand the difference between climate and weather. Weather is now, climate is over time. And the earth’s temperature averages in the NASA report are being shown on the graph in both annual and 5 year averages. That is what climate is about. Averages over time.

In short, Breitbart should just admit its own bias. Admit that this is not about telling the truth, but spreading their own version of propaganda. What is even more disconcerting is that President-elect Donald Trump has picked Steve Bannon, who used to run Breitbart, as part of his cabinet. Trump has also expressed desires to defund NASA. If NASA is defunded, then tracking the earth’s annual temperatures will be even more difficult.

This is the reality. The earth has been trending towards getting warmer over the past 50 years. That is a fact. One off year doesn’t negate years of trends. This is why scientists and geographers need to report on this. Not Breitbart. Donald Trump claims global warming is a hoax from the Chinese. Well, prove it.