75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor, and Geography

75 years ago today, Pearl Harbor, near Honolulu, Hawaii was attacked. 7 December 1941. It was attacked by the Imperial Navy of Japan and its submarines. This attack would commence the USA’s entry into World War II in the Pacific Theater.

Pearl Harbor is a joint base with Hickam. The Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam is a major military installation. It is a naval base and an air force base together. This is home to the headquarters of the U.S. Pacific Fleet.

That is just part of the understanding of Pearl Harbor. However, even before the attack on Pearl Harbor, this was always a place of major military significance. We should start with the geography of Pearl Harbor.

It’s in the name, harbor. Pearl Harbor is a harbor, a natural harbor that is a lagoon. Good for ships. At first it was considered bad for ships due to be relatively shallow. However, after the annexation of Hawaii, a naval base was established. The entrance to the deep water area was renovated, this allowing for more ships. The naval base was to be a refueling station. Being in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, a refueling station would be a welcome sight. It is about harbors, the military, and strategy. It’s about geography.1280px-ford_island_aerial_photo_rimpac_1986

To understand Pearl Harbor, it is important to understand both history and geography. Both are intertwined. A video below will tell you more.



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