Merry Christmas. A Geography Lesson.

Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ. And being this is a holiday for Christ, let’s have a geography lesson dedicated to it. The maps shows where Jesus Christ was born.



Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem. It is located in what is now the West Bank, Palestine, next to Israel. Christmas is a holy day for Christians the world over. This city is located 10 km(6.2 miles) south of Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.

This city is located in a region known for its political strife. That said, this entry is going to put this aside. This city has a sizable Palestinian Christian population. The Church of the Nativity is here. This city, being the birthplace of Christ, has a major significance for many Christians. During Christmas time, many tourists come to this city. Tourism is a major industry in Bethlehem(by the way tourism is geographic in nature). This city is a major site for Christian pilgrims.

Merry Christmas, from TheGeoScholar to you. Happy Birthday to Christ. nativity_scene




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