Minnesota, Land Of The Sky-Tinted Waters

lake-vermillionWant to go fishing? Go to Minnesota. Here is why.

Minnesota’s name comes from the Dakota word meaning “land of sky-tinted waters”, referring to the lakes. The lakes are a major geographic feature of the state of Minnesota. It has the nickname of The Land of 10,000 Lakes. Actually, according the official count, there are over 11,000 lakes. 

Geoscience lessson coming. How the state of Minnesota got its lakes has to do with glaciers. Mich of Canada and the Midwest USA was covered in a gargantuan ice sheet 1 million years ago, the Last Ice Age. The glaciers scraping away at the rocks and soil, melting and retreating of the ice sheet. This is how lakes  formed in North America, especially in Minnesota.

Watch video for explanation of 10,000 lakes.




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