Penguin Awareness Day. Geography of Penguins

hqdefaultToday 20 January 2017 is Penguin Awareness Day. This is a day to raise awareness about penguins, about the environment they live in. There is something that should be addressed about penguins.

-No, they do not live in Alaska

-Antarctica is not the only place you can find them

-Cold places are not the only places you can find them.

Did you know that Antarctica is only home to 4 species of penguins? Did you know that you can find penguins in South America, Australia, Africa, and New Zealand? Better yet, did you know that Ecuador is home to the only species of penguin found in the northern hemisphere? South Africa and Namibia have penguins too.

Believe it or not, there is a geographic element to penguins. In a nutshell, penguins go where the food is. There is a biogeographic element to this. Follow the ocean currents such as the Benguela and the Humboldt. Those cold ocean currents and their upwellings. You can find those penguins and their food.

Watch these videos to learn more.


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