World Meteorological Day 2017.

20160927_19024923 March is World Meteorological Day. This is a day to reflect on weather and the physical processes involved. This entry’s theme is this: Meteorologists are geographers.

How are meteorologists geographers? Weather, climate, and geography are connected. Geography determines weather and climate. This is why we have phenomena like El Nino, orographic lift, chinook/foehn winds, and lake effect snow.

Meteorologists have to study geography in order to get a idea how weather and climate works in different places. Weather and climate takes place over a spatial scale. Meteorologists study the earth and its processes. Meteorology is a geoscience. Geography is involved. Meteorology is classified as a subfield of physical geography.

So much of how weather works is related to geography, as well as science. Physical features of the earth, how those features affect atmospheric conditions, atmospheric conditions themselves. This is part of what meteorologists study. The impact on humans is another part studied.


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