Urban Wildlife: Fox In The City

Happy New Year and Welcome To a New Decade.

Foxes are not often associated with cities. The woods are often the major habitat associated with foxes. And it makes sense. That is where foxes often live. However, this doesn’t mean that foxes can’t be found in cities. Look at the video above as proof.

There is something that should be mentioned when it comes to urban wildlife. There are so many cases where animals who are in urban areas find ways to adjust to their unaccustomed environments. This fox in one example.

Consider what foxes eat. Foxes will eat small rodents, as well as birds, reptiles, and rabbits. In the cities, foxes will scavenge for food in garbage recepticles. Furthermore, consider this. In many cities, there are plenty of trees, especially oak trees. And with oak trees, there are often acorns. Squirrels will eat acorns. Some cities have squirrel populations, particularly around parks, where plenty of acorns are available, as well as trees for them to go to. Foxes will eat squirrels, so there is a food source. Foxes will also eat pigeons, another bird species that has made its home in the city.

Foxes are an example of how some animals ending up adjusting well to urban areas, become part of the urban wildlife.


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