A Cup Of Cafecito With That Geography

Coffee and geography are linked very closely. In terms of where it grows, why it grows where it does, physical geography is a major factor for coffee.

When it comes to growing geography, physical geography must be considered. When it comes to the consumption of coffee, and the culture of coffee, this is where human geography comes in.

If one would like to have a cup of cafecito (small shot of Cuban espresso sweetened with sugar in the form of espuma), there are many recipes to show you how. But Miami, Florida, is the best place in the USA to get a tacita of cafecito. With the largest Cuban-American community in America, cafecito is very easy to find in Miami, and very beloved. It’s part of the human geography. With Cuba so close by, many Cubans moved to Miami during the 1960s after the Cuban Revolution. Cultural diffusion is a term that will be used often in this blog.

Migration of human beings also means cultural diffusion. Cultural diffusion brings things like certain foods that become part of the human/cultural landscape in other places. Miami, FL is a good example of that in terms of cafecito. The consumption of coffee, an important part of Cuban society, transpired to Florida. Human/cultural geography via migration.

A video on cafecito:


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