Geography of a storm: Time lapse video included!!

Today there was a storm associated with a cold front hit metropolitan Atlanta. Now, meteorology, at its core, cannot exist without geography because geography plays a role in weather. However, that is not the only lesson to take from this.

Watch this time lapse video. Then read the rest below.

If you look at that mountain in the background, that is Kennesaw Mountain. Here is where the core of this geography lesson comes in. By looking the video, you can see that the storm is passing Kennesaw Mountain on its way to Marietta,GA, another western suburb of Atlanta. If you know anything about the geography of metropolitan Atlanta, you will know that Kennesaw Mountain is located towards the northwest of Marietta. By seeing that, this geographic landmark can serve as a way of telling you where the storm was coming from. In this instance, this storm was moving from northwest to southeast.

In conclusion, geography is about answering the “where”. It is about location. It is about where from and where to next. In this case, geography can be an indicator of where a storm is coming from.




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